Adoption & Usage from AS149299NINEPACKET-AS-AP

Top Browsers & User Agents

Distribution of requests to Cloudflare by user agent, for the top three browser families by share.

Protocol comparisons

Trends over the selected time period

IPv4 vs. IPv6

Distribution of traffic by IP version


Distribution of HTTP vs. HTTPS requests

HTTP/1x vs. HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/3

Distribution of traffic by HTTP version

TLS 1.2 vs. TLS 1.3 vs. QUIC

Distribution of secure traffic by protocol

Security & Attacks

Insight into network and application layer attack traffic

Layer 3/4 Attacks

DDoS Attack Type

Layer 7 Attacks

Top Mitigation Techniques

Traffic volume

Relative change from previous period

Mobile vs. Desktop

Mobile device vs. desktop traffic distribution

User classification

Bot vs. Human